Many flavors, a single passion

I sapori e tradizioni della Valtellina

Only an environment respectful of natural rhythms allows the local products of the mountain to preserve their authenticity, traditional flavours and fragrances.
The Pedranzini cheeses and cured meats reflect a philosophy of strict “respect for Nature and Health”.

Today the Farm is concerned, with the same passion as in the past, in the breeding of beef and dairy cattle and pigs that are carefully selected and fed with natural products to provide meat and milk with the best flavours, in the name of indisputable quality.
The Pedranzini farms transform the mountain tradition into an art that can be rediscovered and savoured in all their products, from their pride and joy - bresaola - to local cheeses.

Our History

Storia e tradizione in Valtellina

The Cascina Margherita farm was created thanks to the dedication and love for the land, agriculture and breeding of Maria and Ernesto Pedranzini who handed this down to their children.

In the seventies, while Bormio began transforming from a small rural village into a thriving tourist town and its inhabitants abandoned the land to work in the tertiary sector, Maria and Ernesto continued to stubbornly follow their passion, setting the foundation for the birth of a mountain farm that is unique in its kind, where all produced raw materials, meat and milk, are processed into sausages and high quality cheeses, ready for consumption.

Our Land

The uniqueness of our products is guaranteed by our passion and by our land…
The crisp air of Bormio, 1225 m above sea level, allows for the optimal curing of our cured meats.
The green pastures of the valley of Forni, 2300 m above sea level, give our cheese a unique taste!

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Our products

News about products from Valtellina

Quando in Valtellina si parla di fiocchi viene naturale pensare alle prime nevicate dell’autunno, alla voglia di sci che aumenta man mano che il caldo dell’estate diventa un lontano ricordo, alla stagione invernale alle porte, con i suoi divertimenti e le sue attività sportive. Ma in provincia ...

Scopri le novità dalla Valtellina

Si è chiuso il 10 settembre, dopo tre settimane, la 35esima edizione del Valtellina Basket Circuit, la più importante manifestazione di basket in provincia di Sondrio che si svolge tradizionalmente a Bormio nel periodo estivo.   Valtellina Basket Circuit a Bormio Anche quest’anno decin...

Scopri le novità dalla Valtellina